Séminaire Jicable HVDC’13

Titre: European Seminar on materials for HVDC cables and accessories : Performance, Modeling, Testing, Qualification

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Lieu: Perpignan, France
Date : du 18 au 20 Novembre 2013

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Description : The objective of Jicable HVDC’13 is to present state of knowledge on the behaviour of materials for HVDC cables and accessories. It will address the physical behaviour, physic-chemical and electrical properties of these materials: dielectric, space charges, interfaces, ageing, reliability, etc. It will then discuss the results of modelling studies and the relationship between modelling and behaviour of materials to clarify the role of tests: investigation, qualification, reception, control in operation, etc. Finally, the seminar will show how these scientific and technical information are taken into account by the system operators to demonstrate and evaluate the equipment over time.