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L’évolution de la conscience planétaire en 2100 et au delà

l’Alternative Planetary Futures Institute, basé à Washington, publie une réflexion sur l’évolution de la conscience collective d’ici la fin XXIème siècle et au delà. Elle s’ouvre sur l’hypothèse des 9 siècles proposée par Thierry Gaudin. Le document, contenant environ 130 diapos, citant un grand nombre d’auteurs, est télé-chargeable à cette adresse : https://www.apfi.us/

The Future Ages of Collective Awakening in the years 2100 & 3000

Executive Summary

Weak and strong signals, from diverse and independent sources, point to an imminent global consciousness, suggesting spirit, mind, and ethical revolutions.
On the horizon, we observe a new rush hour of the gods, prophets, ideologies, and cults calling for first values and first principles.
In 2100 the planetary consciousness will push machine-humanity towards increasing freedom.
In 3000, at the dawn of the cosmic age, the myth of the sacred rock will be re-defined around the entire planet Earth.

Table of Contents

The Centuries of the Spirit
Macro History of Collective Awakening
Outline of the Planetary Consciousness Age in 2100
Outline of the Cosmic Age & the Sacred Rock in 3000

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